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Hello! I’m Janice.

Thank you for coming to my website.

I first discovered yoga at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga in Santa Monica, California while going to college in the United States in 2008. I was inspired by many good teachers there so I started practicing a lot.

Having experienced the true meaning of yoga, I now have a much deeper respect for the practice and its benefits. I look forward to sharing this with you in class!

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第一次接觸瑜珈是在2008年美國求學間,因緣際會下,接觸在位於加州聖塔摩尼卡Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga。受了那些專業又熱忱瑜珈老師們的影響,從此使我開始練(戀)上瑜珈!



Central Yoga Taichung 台中昇澄瑜珈工作仿


Mon. 8-9 p.m.
Thu. 7:30-8:30 p.m. (Teach in English)

10堂課卡ㄧ堂約 200元。
10 Yoga pass: 200 NT per class

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As a beginning yoga student, I was nervous about how I would do and how I would enjoy it. Janice was amazing as an instructor because she was able to keep me calm, focused, and was still able to challenge me to improve my flexibility and health. She has helped instill a deep appreciation that I now have for what yoga can do for my body. Even though I have moved away from Taiwan, I still continue taking yoga classes, due in large part to how great she was in getting me started. I recommend her to everyone! Thanks, Janice!
Christopher Szczerba
I have been going to yoga classes with Janice for over one year. Each time I am motivated, challenged, and excited to grow my practice! What I like most about Janice’s classes is how they are fast paced and vastly different every week. She does an exceptional job at differentiating her practice to meet the needs of all of her students! I would highly recommend that anyone from novice yogis to experiences yogis try a class with Janice!
Michael Scott
“I have been taking yoga classes with Janice consistently over the past year and am highly impressed with her mastery in teaching and practice of yoga.
Week after week, Janice continually creates learning experiences which promote growth and provide a high level of interest and engagement. I’m extremely pleased with the progress I have made this past year and much of this is because of Janice’s balanced teaching approach; She uses routines to help students like myself develop foundational yoga skills while implementing new ideas to keep lessons interesting and exciting.
Janice also has a unique ability to differentiate her lessons for students of all levels. As I’ve progressed in my practice, Janice has always met my needs by making lessons accessible with modifications and support while also incorporating advanced practices to ensure all of her students are being challenged.
Since I arrived in Taiwan, I have undergone dramatic physical and mental transformation; I have lost over 25 kilograms and have made tremendous strides in my management of stress and personal well-being. I attribute this change, in part, to Janice, for making yoga accessible, challenging and enjoyable.
I highly recommend Janice to any person looking to make a commitment to their health and personal wellness while having fun and fully embracing the yogi lifestyle.”
Jake Riederer
My name is Krista Lamovsek and I went to Janice’s class at Central Yoga Studio for the last 3 years before moving back home to Canada. And now that I’m not in Taichung anymore, it’s one of the things I miss most! Janice is an amazing teacher. She provides challenging but fun classes to her students and I have significantly improved since joining. She is a very positive teacher with a calming presence and helps all her students according to their needs. Once during the three years of attending, I was suffering from some wrist problems. Not wanting to give up yoga, I told Janice and she provided modifications specifically for me for certain poses. She’s the best! I continue to practice yoga but I will never forever her teaching as it has had an impact on my yoga career!
Krista Lamovsek
When I first met Janice, I had a knowledge of yoga, but not a solid, consistent practice. Janice not only taught me a deeper understanding of the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga, but she introduced to me a love for the practice. I went to Janice’s class once a week. She provided a calm and peaceful atmosphere and an environment in which everyone felt comfortable expressing themselves on their own mat. I gained a deeper understanding of meditation and asanas. In addition, she opened me up to acro yoga. She would come willingly to teach others and offer support and encouragement throughout her free acro yoga sessions. You can tell she has a true love for the practice and I was lucky to have been able to experience it with her.
Kelly McKeown
Janice is a fantastic yoga instructor! When I first joined her class I had very little experience with yoga. I had always exercised by lifting weights and running, so I didn’t know what to expect. Janice made it very easy to join in, and I could feel my strength, flexibility, and balance improving every week! The workouts are a lot of fun and easily adaptable for different levels of ability. I looked forward to classes and really enjoyed how they changed every week. I was always learning something new. I would absolutely recommend taking yoga with Janice!
Eli Sturn
猶記得大休息後,起霧的玻璃窗,教室裡滿滿的能量,悄悄地映起對瑜珈的熱愛。那時的我,開始愛上了Janice的瑜珈課。每次課前,總是期待著等會和老師練習,身體又要帶給自己哪種驚喜和體悟,因為老師總是對著每個不同程度的練習者,不同的身體,給予適切的調整。每次Janice瑜珈課堂中的練習, 總可以完整地結合體位、冥想與呼吸法。每每瑜珈課完,聽著她的引導,伴隨著namaste 和給自己的一抹淡淡微笑,常會滿足地覺得自己和自己的距離很近,聽得見自己的聲音和能量的流動,那是屬於自己最棒的時刻。Janice的瑜珈課讓我知道,瑜珈帶給練習者的能量,不只來自於體位法某種程度的突破,更多是來自於,在練習過程中的內觀,所影響的生活層面!