Why Baby Yoga?

Parents and babies through yoga can become more aware of their own bodies. Yoga is well known for its ability to strengthen and increase flexible of joints and muscles . As the baby develops this is key to them reaching their full potential. It also aids the coordination and brain development with certain movements and exercises crossing the midline of the body. It strengthens the immune system, improves breathing, and enhances bonding.

We use guiding techniques and movements for calmness, relaxing in the often very busy world of today’s patenting.




Baby Yoga

Once for two weeks.
Central Yoga Taichung
Address: No.45 Sec.1 Huamei St.West Dist. Taichung city
First class: 450
One session for 4classes: 2000
Drop in: 650
(15% off for the whole session if you pay in advance after first class)
Small group: 3-5 people.
*Please note that there is no refund if you miss the class because it’s a short term course.

Baby Yoga 寶寶瑜珈班

Central Yoga 昇澄瑜珈
ㄧ期4堂 :2000

After first trial lesson. There will another 3 classes for small group (1-3 babies ) & 4 classes for bigger group.

• First trial class is as introduction class , you will know what baby yoga class like during this 50 minutes.

• You may hear how constantly babies cry during class, but we will still continue the class because it’s normal if babies cry.

•When your baby cry, you should stop & comfort the baby first, when baby stop crying, join again . Never push your baby when they practice yoga.

• We encourage both parents come to the class, if baby cry , one can comfort & one can still join. It’s great for family day. It’s even better for dad practice with baby if your baby is always stay with mom.

• Every class will have different yoga poses and cover with different yoga topic.

Mantra, pranayama, mudra , bandha & chakra.

•Unlike ongoing adult yoga class, it’s more challenging for baby yoga because every baby’s feeding, sleeping time is different & parents schedules etc.

• If you like class atmosphere & want to interact with other parents & babies, you are welcome to join another session again, but the classes will be almost the same.

The main purpose for this short term baby yoga session, we’d like parents take away what we learn during classes & practice at home with babies. Practice makes perfect & it’s fun!!!